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Beauty Standards aren't the invention of Kim Kardashian, they have always been here.

For centuries, beauty standards have been an unacknowledged problem of society. From the corsets of the 1800's to the Face-Tune of the 2020's, beauty standards remain a problem that both men and women struggle with to this day. 



Beauty standards have been around for centuries, and they've been a big integral part of our society. They are what decides who is beautiful and who isn't. But that's not necessarily a good thing. We constantly compare ourselves to these standards- despite how unrealistic they are, and that leads to so many problems and over the years, these standards have only become more extreme and dangerous, and they tend to affect a lot of young men and women around the world. I have even found myself comparing myself to these unrealistic standards, and they always made me feel bad about myself. This website aims to educate young girls about the effects that these standards have on the way we see ourselves and I've created a program to help improve the relationship between us and ourselves. We should shift the emphasis away from beauty and onto our inner selves, our bodies and looks are constantly changing, so when we're old and wrinkly, the only things that are going to matter are our inner qualities.

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